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The content available on our Shared Resources Website is available for anyone to view.  Courses are divided into modules and are aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.

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ReadSpeaker is a text-to-voice tool that provides an easy-to-use audio version of content. Click on the icon in the sidebar for an instant streaming version - no download necessary.  We are currently offering a trial of ReadSpeaker Courses.  Your feedback is encouraged!

Trial ReadSpeaker Courses:

American Lit/Comp and US History

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The access to this content is available to Georgia public schools by application only.  (Click here for an application).

The eSource Content includes complete courses that are aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards.  These courses are divided into modules which are created using Softchalk Lesson Building software.  These packages can be downloaded and used in your Learning Management System or can be loaded onto a server and linked to directly.

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