For Educators

Georgia Virtual Learning consists of three separate environments: GAVS Program, Credit Recovery Program, and ExPreSS. The unique and varied student body of Georgia Virtual Learning includes public school students, private school students, and home school students.

Teaching online is an invigorating experience. Unlike face-to-face environments, teachers and students have access to course material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All course material is provided for instructors and authored by specialized content developers according to and in line with the Georgia Performance Standards.

Teaching in a virtual learning environment involves facilitating daily learning activities such as discussions, projects, labs, group work, and writing workshops; and communicating with parents, students, and facilitators.  Serving as a guide to students, teachers for Georgia Virtual provide valuable feedback, remediation, and enrichment for students in a rigorous academic environment.

Looking for career opportunities? Please visit the Georgia Virtual School--Careers site for posted openings and our online application system.